Posted August 9, 2022

Compact excavator

Hitachi introduces the ZX26U-5N excavator that is an easy-to-transport, compact excavator that offers fine control in confined spaces.

With its reduced tail-swing design, the 4-foot,11-inch wide model has an operating weight of 5,560 pounds. An independent swing boom and 360-degree rotation allows it to work almost anywhere. With unlimited visibility and precise control, it can be used to excavate around existing utilities. This machine excels in landscaping, renovation, trenching, backfilling, drilling and demolition applications where space is at a premium, and in sensitive ground conditions where low ground pressure provides an advantage.

Hitachi compact excavator
Hitachi introduces the ZX26U-5N excavator that is an easy-to-transport, compact excavator that offers fine control in confined spaces.

The ZX26U-5N offers plenty of height and reach to get up and over truck sideboards with a maximum reach of 15 feet, 2 inches. It also provides a maximum dig depth of 8 feet, 6 inches and has an integrated dozer blade.

Full hydraulic pilot controls for the bucket/thumb and other attachments, boom, swing, travel and blade maximize controllability. To suit operator preference and increase productivity, control patterns can be quickly switched from backhoe- to excavator-style controls with a control-pattern selector located in a compartment beneath the seat. A one-way/two-way selector valve accommodates breaker and grapple attachments with extra plumbing installed on the stick. An auxiliary function lever (AFL) is available with an analog switch, trigger switch and horn for running attachments such as a breaker or an attachment with swing. A V-shaped boom cylinder guard and hose protector ensure durability in any application.

The quiet Tier 4 Final-compliant, direct-injected Yanmar engine produces 20 horsepower and provides a high torque level for more pull-through power.

The ZX26U-5N offers a choice of a four-pillar canopy or a spacious cab. Hitachi has maximized the available space for the operator. The cab option has been widened and incorporates a larger door. An enlarged windshield improves visibility.

The ZX26U-5N is built to the same durability standards as larger Hitachi excavators. Oil-impregnated HN bushings are used on the boom, arm and bucket joints for increased durability.

The boom end bracket has been reinforced and there is improved abrasion resistance for the joint between the arm and boom to reduce backlash. Hydraulic hoses on the boom have also been relocated to further reduce the chance of damage.

Maintenance made easy
While all the components are packaged in a small space, Hitachi engineers worked to ensure easy access. The ZX26U-5N provides ground-level access to daily maintenance points. They are grouped behind easy-access covers and a large engine cover slides open vertically for access when the machine is working in a confined area.

The design of the cooling package makes cleanout a breeze. A parallel-aligned cooling package is located behind a one-touch open cover.

Hitachi has also made it easier to replace damaged glass in the cab. To reduce the cost of repair, the traditional curved glass used in the cab has been exchanged with more easily obtainable flat glass.