Posted August 8, 2023

Soil compactor

Dynapac’s CA30 Rhino soil roller offers heavy-hitting compaction characteristics combined with highly versatile configurations needed for the rental industry.

  Dynapac Rhino soil compactor
Dynapac’s CA30 Rhino soil roller offers heavy-hitting compaction characteristics combined with highly versatile configurations needed for the rental industry.

The Rhino series, CA30 is part of the 84-inch drum width, 12-ton static weight class; it is available in smooth drum (CA30D) and pad foot drum (CA30PD) configurations.

Rental companies are increasingly demanding a soil roller that provides high-quality compaction results combined with better return on investment. The Dynapac CA30 Rhino series offers that, combining Dynapac’s  core value of designed to perform and built to last along with offering right solutions for the right customer segment.

The CA30 Rhino comes equipped with a spacious and vibration-damped open ROPS/FOPS or enclosed cab (with AC and heat) operator platform that offers lasting comfort even during long shifts. The operator is given excellent visibility from his or her seat to have a perfect view over the entire working area and the surroundings with no structures blocking any of the vital sightlines. The seat can be rotated to enhance the operator’s visibility across the job site as well as increasing comfort when operating in reverse, reducing stress on the body. The CA30 has four LED working lights as standard to facilitate night work. The visibility can be further improved with the addition of an optional back-up camera to increase jobs ite confidence by providing the operator with a constant view over their complete working area.

It has an effective static linear load of 168 pounds per inch across the full 84-inch width of the drum. The standard setup consists of dual amplitudes alternating between 0.072 inches at high amplitude and 0.035 inches when set to low amplitude when operated at 1,980 vpm, which generates up to 56,200 pounds of centrifugal force. As standard, the machine is equipped with Automatic Vibration Control (AVC), which when activated causes vibration to not initiate until direction lever leaves the neutral position. This avoids any inadvertent vibration while the machine is idling or loading on trucks to prevent damaging the compacted material as well as restricting any unnecessary wear and tear to the drum and the machine.

Another standard feature on the CA30 Rhino is the Dynapac Patented Efficient Eccentrics System, reducing the power needed while starting the vibration up to 50 percent, thereby reducing fuel consumption. This system also lowers the amount of oil needed within the drum cartridge. The system helps maintain uncompromised superior compaction performance while lowering the operating cost for the contractors.

Compaction results can be confirmed with the optional Dynapac Compaction Meter (DCM). This smart compaction system is an accelerometer-based solution which can be either factory-installed or added onto the machine after purchase with a field kit. It can be used to ensure that the compacted area is completely homogenous. It can be used to locate weak areas within the job site which need further compaction. The DCM will indicate when the material has reached the required compaction level, through Compaction Meter Value (CMV) analysis. The DCM includes the Dynapac Bouncing Indicator (DCI), which will alert the operator if the drum begins to bounce.

The CA30 has a four-speed manual transmission and a no-spin rear differential axle to provide the needed traction for any situation. It is controlled via an intuitive user interface integrated into the operation control panel to provide support for up to 43 percent grade in the smooth drum variant CA30D or up to 53 percent grade in the CA30PD, the padfoot variant.

The CA30D can also be equipped with a two-piece bolt-on padfoot shell that can be utilized for compaction of cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. This increases the versatility of the machine for rental needs, ensuring the right machine for application is available and high-quality results are achieved on any type of material.