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Posted August 7, 2023

Battery-powered portable screw compressor

Atlas Copco’s all-new B-Air battery-powered portable screw air compressor marks a defining moment in the transformation toward a low carbon future.

Atlas Copco B-Air compressor
Atlas Copco's B-Air 185-12 compressor features 72 to 174 psi, a stable flow rate of 190 cfm, and 55 kWh battery storage capacity.

In the latest shift to more sustainable products, Atlas Copco has expanded its portable electric product to include an all-new battery driven portable screw air compressor. The B-Air 185-12 is the first of its kind within the global industrial marketplace and represents a major milestone in Atlas Copco’s path toward a sustainable future.

“We are committed to accelerating the transition away from carbon-dependency and towards renewable energy sources,” says Maarten Vermeiren, product marketing manager of sustainability and digitalization at Atlas Copco, Portable Air Division. “By introducing the first battery portable screw compressor, we want to play our part in enabling a sustainable transformation and help build a better tomorrow – for society and the planet alike.” 

Clean power 
The B-Air 185-12 compressor features 72 to 174 psi, a stable flow rate of 190 cfm, and 55 kWh battery storage capacity. With power delivered from its onboard power pack, this unit, when operated, can be fully char­ged and eliminate the need for fuel or a local power source. This unit also has the capacity to perform up to a full work shift. The B-Air provides portability and productivity for those working on sites where regular access to electricity is not practical.

Making the switch from an internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric motor can pose several benefits. It prevents downtime and lowers the maintenance requirements compared to diesel-powered units. The electric B-Air 185-12 only needs to be serviced every 2,000 hours, as opposed to 500 hours for a typical ICE-powered unit. The machine’s state-of-the-art Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and permanent magnet motor drive down the total cost of ownership, automatically adjusting the motor speed to match air demand in real-time and increasing energy efficiency by up to 70 percent.

Through Atlas Copco’s rigorous testing process, which includes rapid aging testing under harsh conditions and climatic chamber testing; the B-Air 185-12 has proven to perform optimally even in the most extreme conditions – ranging from 113F to an icy -13F. The compressor can even run at 14,763 feet above sea level. This unit is also designed to excel in densely populated urban areas where emission and noise pollution are tightly restricted. This compressor produces low emissions and due to the quiet nature of the compressor; operators can work without noise distraction, enhancing both productivity and safety. 

The B-Air 185-12 is scheduled to go into production in September.