Posted August 5, 2019

Skid steer disc mulcher

Loftness offers the Bad Ax disc mulcher for skid steers.

This high-powered forestry head is ideal for a wide range of applications, including land clearing, vegetation control, fire prevention and more.

Loftness Bad Ax mulcher for skid steer loaders
The Bad Ax includes a fully machined, 60-inch-diameter disc that cuts trees up to 14 inches in diameter. 

The Bad Ax includes a fully machined, 60-inch-diameter disc that cuts trees up to 14 inches in diameter. Hydraulic power drives the disc for 100 percent of the power is applied to the job at hand. A polyurethane coupler offers excellent vibration dampening, and the direct drive eliminates the need to maintain belts.

The Bad Ax features recutter bars along with counter teeth to hold material in place while it is being mulched. This exclusive design allows the unit to cut the material into finer particles than competitive products are capable of producing. It also helps avoid log jams in the chamber, which can be extremely difficult to remove in other units.

Also unique to the Bad Ax is a housing design with parallel sides that provides enhanced control over funnel, or V-shaped disc mulchers. The front of the housing is angled, allowing the teeth to mulch at ground level. A rigid discharge deflector and angled recutter bar on the Bad Ax offers more control of material discharge than hinged deflectors.

Ultra-sharp, heat-treated steel Quadco blades are used to effortlessly slice through vegetation, as opposed to shredding and tearing material. The blades can be sharpened or rotated on site to keep a fresh cutting edge and maintain machine efficiency. The blades are mounted to the disc with a single hex bolt for easy removal. The bolt-on mounts can also be replaced in the field without the need for cutting, welding or rebalancing the rotor.

Other standard features include an integrated pressure gauge, an adjustable tree-pusher bar with welded claw hooks, and anti-wrap bearing protection.

Customers may choose from two available hydraulic motor options, including a fixed-displacement gear motor and an adjustable-displacement piston motor. The Bad Ax requires 70 to 120 hydraulic horsepower to operate.