Posted August 5, 2020

Battery-powered excavator

The Cratos CMX18 battery-powered mini excavator offers eco-friendly and efficient power to tackle projects quietly without the burden of fuel costs.

It is powered by a hydrostatic transmission with orbital motors and planetary drives with negative control brakes and priority valve .Its double-speed driving motors powers a track system that can be expanded from 41 1/3 inches to 51 1/5 inches.

Cratos CMX18 mini excavator

There are no pedals in the cab; proportional servos control the machine. The boom swing and the PTO are controlled by rollers on the joystick.

The unit can run between 6 and 12 hours with a continuous runtime for 5 hours from the power stored in its 48-volt LiFePO4 battery. It can charge in 8 hours on 110-volt power or 6 hours with 220-volt service.

The unit weighs 3,643 pounds has 3,608 pounds of breakout force and 2,012 pounds of digging force.