Posted August 4, 2023

Battery-powered mini track loader

The Volteq SKY 1000 mini track loader combines the power of battery-driven operation with the convenience and precision of remote control.

Volteq SKY 1000 remote-controlled track loader
The SKY 1000 delivers commercially viable value with its competitive price, lower operating costs, and strong performance and moreover, it aligns with environmental and sustainability goals.

The SKY 1000 delivers commercially viable value with its competitive price, lower operating costs, and strong performance and moreover, it aligns with environmental and sustainability goals.

Its remote control system allows operators to control the machine from a safe distance of up to 160 feet. The remote control provides operators with more angles of view and improved visibility, allowing them to have a clear line of sight to the work area. 

The remote control allows operators to operate from the sides or front of the SKY 1000 to place loads while using a pallet attachment or position an auger bit more accurately for drilling. It distances operators from airborne dust while digging into piles of material such as demolition debris and avoids vibration that may be transmitted through the machine’s rear operator platform while using a hammer to break concrete. The fast-acting electric drive motors and controls provide operator-friendly responsiveness and proportional control of the SKY 1000 functions.

With a lifting capacity of up to 1000 pounds, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, including construction, landscaping, agriculture, demolition and mining. Its compact size, measuring under 34 inches wide with a basic bucket, allows it to access confined areas where larger equipment would be impractical or impossible. Its low center of gravity contributes to improved stability, allowing the machine to maintain its balance and reduce the risk of tilting or getting stuck in challenging conditions. 

Equipped with either the Common Industry Interface (CII) or the Bobcat mini skid steer attachment plate, the SKY 1000 offers seamless compatibility with a wide range of attachments. With 15 different Volteq attachments available, operators have the versatility to tackle various tasks with ease. An auxiliary hydraulic circuit delivers a continuous 2,175 psi at oil flow of 5.3 gpm for continuous operation when powering the SKY 1000 attachments such as hammers, augers, trenchers, grapple buckets, and more.

The SKY 1000 is powered by a Li-iron battery, delivering reliable and long-lasting power. With a 51.2-volt system and 20.48 kWh capacity, the battery provides energy for extended operation of up to eight hours of operation, depending on the type of work and attachments used. The built-in smart charger with an input voltage range of 90 to 265VAC and a maximum input current of 16A. This allows operators to conveniently charge the machine from 110- or 220-volt outlets using standard commercial plug. The battery's lifespan of 10 to 15 years with zero maintenance ensures long-term performance and cost savings. Additionally, the battery has an IP67 protection level, making it highly resistant to water and dust ingress. It is also more resistant to vibration and catching on fire than traditional lithium-ion batteries, ensuring enhanced safety during operation. 

Separate emergency stops are located on the machine and remote control in the event it is necessary to quickly power down operation while at the machine or during remote operation. Additionally, the remote control features a safety perimeter to ensure safe operations and avoid accidental collisions with the operator when standing next to the machine. A noise notice from the remote control keeps the operator focused on the work, promoting a safe and productive working environment. All critical machine functions are IP67 rated, providing reliable protection against water and dust ingress.

The SKY 1000 loader arms are equipped with self-leveling and float capabilities to provide stability and control even on uneven terrain. With its robust modular construction, the machine offers easy repairs and replacement of components, making maintenance much easier.

The SKY 1000 comes standard with telematics, including a 12-month prepaid subscription, offering valuable data and insights into machine performance and usage. With telematics, rental owners can track the machine's location, ensuring security against theft. Additionally, the telematics feature aids in managing maintenance by providing error codes, leading to increased operational efficiency.

The SKY 1000 offers a significant reduction in planned and unplanned downtimes, eliminating the need for engine-related maintenance tasks such as engine replacement, overheating, and filter changes. With its modular system and telematics, parts replacement and maintenance can be conducted much faster, minimizing operational costs by up to 70% and reducing downtime. This improved efficiency leads to increased productivity and profitability for businesses.