Low-cost depth level for excavating

The Technidea ZipLevel EZDepth is an inexpensive alternative to costly cab-based digital depth instruments.

Unlike conventional technologies, EZDepth installs in minutes to directly display depths over unlimited ranges without line-of-sight, satellite horizons or complex arrays of inclinometer sensors.

ZipLevel EZDepth

Its optional ZipLevel SmartLink sends data to smart devices on your panel or up to 100 feet away for real-time profiles and tables or elevations plotted on site photosfor instant sharing of documentation before, during and at the end of your project.

It is precise t 1/20-inch and has a +/-20 foot maximum display to sensor elevation. It can be set to inches, feet or meters scale and is pre-settable MSL or any elevation. It can store up to 137 readings internally and needs no line-of-sight or factory calibration.