Special-event light tower

Allmand Bros. Inc. adds the Night-Lite E-Series light tower to its equipment offering.

“Allmand is focused on providing cutting-edge products, backed by our unparalleled service and support, that meet the demands of our customers’ special event and rental needs,” says Joan Westwater, Allmand product manager, job site. “The Night-Lite E-Series was field tested at Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the nation, and its durable design enabled attendees to enjoy the festival in an illuminated environment.”

Allmand special-event light tower
The Night-Lite E-Series features four LED light fixtures that provide an output of 154,000 lumens

As a special event solution, the Night-Lite E-Series is built to be easily deployed across a venue. With multi-directional forklift pockets and the ability to withstand high winds, this light tower is durable enough to be used in many different environments, such as outdoor corporate events, sports venues, weddings and festivals.

The Night-Lite E-Series features four LED light fixtures that provide an output of 154,000 lumens. The automatic on/off functionality with a timer and photocell help ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency. Event manager and crews can rely on the timer feature to easily manage when the tower turns on and off, while the photocell can sense daylight and control the light accordingly. 

The E-Series tower was developed with the coiled power cable secured to the top of the first, third and fifth sections to minimize tangling, making it easy for event crews to set up. In addition, the unit stabilizers feature a four-point design with foldable outriggers so the unit can withstand windy conditions.

 “We’re proud to introduce this light tower as a total event solution,” said Westwater. “This reliable, high-performing lighting solution is reliable and will ensure the event will go on — no matter the time of day.”