Posted July 22, 2020

Stump grinder

The new Stumper 360 from Stumper Industries features a powerful high-torque motor driving the large 36-inch grinding wheel manufactured from 1-inch thick steel.

The grinding wheel utilizes 25 carbide teeth and seven rakers to optimize the depth of cut and maximize productivity. The 360 utilizes a heavy-duty drivetrain with precision-machined and welded components along with premium greaseable bearings.

Stumper 360 stump grinder

Sources report the 360 retains the key features customers have come to expect from the Stumper product family: intuitive to operate, low maintenance, durability and powerful. Stumper offer grinders for mini-skid steers, full-size skid steers, excavators, tractors, and select UTV applications. Stump grinders are available in sizes ranging from 22 to 36 inches with high=flow and standard-flow options available.