Posted July 22, 2020

Electric wheelbarrow attachments

The Power Pusher E-750 electric wheelbarrow is contractor grade and safely and easily transports loads weighing up to 1,000 pounds and has a variety of attachments for many types of jobs. 

It can travel up to 4 mph, providing a fast wy to move materials while improving safety and efficiency by eliminating ergonomic challenges and delays associated with manual wheelbarrows.

Power Pusher wheelbarrow attachment
Wheelbarrow attachment.
Power Pusher concrete dumper attachment
Concrete dumper attachment.
Power Pusher bed attachment
Long flat bed attachment.

The Quick-Change System makes the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow the right machine for the job every time for every customer. Tubs and attachments include a heavy-duty poly tub great for material hauling and dumping; tree/boulder dolly that works as a construction and landscaping partner; galvanized steel tub perfect for demolition; flatbed in short and long sizes that can  move any type of load; a ball Hitch to tows trailers, machines, vehicles and more; transport bed that can lift and transport large, bulky items; slurry tub with concrete funnel cap developed specifically for hauling and unloading concrete as well as other custom attachments.