Portable light towers 

APT introduces two new light towers.

The APT LT V5+ self-powered light tower uses four LED light panels to provide 53,819 square feet of coverage and the APT LT V4 uses four high-luminosity metal-halide

APT LT V5+ light tower
The APT LV5+ light tower with LED light panels.
ATP LT V4 light tower
The APT LT V4 light tower with metal-halide lights.

floodlights to provide 43,055 square feet of coverage. Both light tower’s floodlights are supported by a heavy-duty manual mast, a tough impact-resistant enclosure, a spillage-free frame, and a dependable, efficient power train.

With strong undercarriages and heavy-gauge bodies, APT portable light towers are robust and durable. The light tower features a rugged polyethylene enclosure to protect the engine and overall unit. It is lightweight and durable, able to withstand harsh conditions and wind speeds up to 51 mph.

The galvanized vertical mast has five sections, extends to a maximum of 25 feet and rotates 360 degrees. An optional electric winch can assist in raising the mast. They feature a 120-volt AC auxiliary power output, independent circuit breakers, an hour meter and key switch. A 28-gallon fuel tank on the fuel-efficient light tower provides up to 150 hours of runtime.

Options include an emergency stop button, a DC electric winch, engine block heaters, a spark arrestor, ground connection and an LC 1003 digital controller with photocell and a weekly timer.