Posted July 17, 2018

Forks with wear indicators

Arrow Material Handling Products recently launched its Fork Wear Indicator-stamped forks.

The Fork Wear Indicator is an easy-to-read guide stamped into the side of select Arrow ITA forks. This simple visual indicator is an innovative way to help operators and safety managers identify forks that are unsafe or approaching unsafe wear levels.

Arrow fork wear indicator

According to OSHA guidelines and industry standards, forklift forks should be replaced after 10 percent of wear, since that milestone de-rates fork capacity by 20 percent. Using a fork caliper to determine the wear of a forklift fork is standard practice in the industry, but current technology has left room for error and negligence.

 “We’re always looking for intuitive solutions when it comes to forklift safety in the workplace. The Fork Wear Indicator is a simple, fast, and easy way to measure fork wear. This rugged and durable stamping will significantly reduce the chance of human error and negligence surrounding fork inspection. We believe the fork wear indicator will become a standard in the material handling industry.” says Terry Melvin, CEO of Arrow Material Handling Products.

The Fork Wear Indicator makes knowing how and when to check fork wear levels a quick, easy and reliable process. This simple solution provides clear visibility of fork wear and indicates to the operator when an inspection is needed. Fork wear stamped forks are available now.