Posted July 16, 2019

Gas-powered jackhammer

US Hammer developed a line of gas-powered jackhammers, the Gas Breaker GB-70 & Gas Breaker GB-90.

The company believes the new line will quickly become the quintessential go-to jackhammer for small, medium and large jobs in and out of the construction industry, especially when compared to traditional pneumatics.

Us Hammer gas-powered jackhammer
US Hammer developed a line of gas-powered jackhammers, the Gas Breaker GB-70 & Gas Breaker GB-90.

The US Hammer line of jackhammers differs greatly from its bulkier pneumatic-driven cousin for a few reasons: 

No air compressor, more portability
It needs no air compressor, which is typically a $20,000 add-on to the price of a pneumatic jackhammer. With no need for a compressor, it’s easily stowed in any truck, making it an ultra-portable solution for anyone who needs it. 

Just as powerful and twice as quiet
It is 50 percent more powerful than any existing gas or electric jackhammer, produces much less noise than a pneumatic hammer and comes CARB and EPA certified. It’s driven by a Honda motor that relies on less than 4 gallons of fuel for an 8-hour workday. 

Gas-powered jackhammers are no longer just an alternative for people who can’t afford or can’t transport a heavy pneumatic hammer. The US Hammer models are a competitive, cost-efficient option that puts powered jackhammers within reach of anyone who needs to break ground, no matter how small or how large the job.