Posted July 12, 2021

New fender design

Felling Trailers releases enhanced fender design for EZ-Tilt Trailers.

The new EZ-Tilt fender design offers a similar profile to Felling’s drop-deck equipment trailer fenders, opening from the top to allow clearance for the wheels when the trailer is in lowered to the loading position.

Felling Trailer EZ-Tilt trailer
The new fender design allows the rotating torsion axles to rotate while lowering the tilt bed to the ground. The wheels/tires push up against the top of the fender, lifting it and providing the needed clearance.

The mechanism for lifting the top of the fender is the wheels/tires themselves. As the rotating torsion axles rotate, lowering the tilt bed to the ground, the wheels/tires push up against the top of the fender, lifting it and providing the needed clearance. The main body of the fender is constructed out of a heavy gauge material to maintain the structural integrity throughout the trailer's life.

Key design features:

  • Sleek profile - The fenders’ lid/top is attached to the fender body using a series of hinges, concealed and protected inside the fender, maintaining a sleek profile.
  • Dual spring action - Each fender is equipped with two springs (one front and one rear) that hold the lid/top closed while the trailer is in the transport position and during transit. Additionally, these springs aid in closing the fender when returning the trailer to the transport position.
  • Rubber bumpers - The lid/top of the fender rests on shock-absorbing rubber bumpers that cushion the lid/top and reduce vibration during transit.

Shown above is an FT-12 EZ-T 18.5’.


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