Posted July 12, 2018

11-inch vibratory wheel compactor

MBW Inc. introduces the MVW 11 vibratory wheel compactor for mini-excavators with operating weights of 7000 to 13,000 pounds.

The MVW 11 is 11 inches wide and joins MBW’s range of patented vibratory wheels for larger excavators with operating weights between 18,000 to 60,000 lbs.

MBW MVW 11-inch vibratory wheel compactor

Vibratory wheels offer contractors two important advantages.  Because the wheels are pad-footed and vibratory, the compactor performs well on all typical backfill soils, from sands to gravel to mixed soils and clays.

In addition to the MVW 11’s versatility, the compactor also offers impressive gains in productivity.  Vibratory wheels are several times faster than boom-mounted vibratory plates and have the potential to virtually eliminate manually operated rammers on many applications.  

The MVW11 Vibratory Wheel functions well in 12 inch and wider trenches, keeps operators out of the trench, is ruggedly built and will attach to any min--excavator in the 7K to 13K weight range with the appropriate bracket and pins.