Posted July 11, 2022

Microtrencher attachment

The Ditch Witch MT164 microtrencher brings added flexibility to power and fiber-optic job sites.

Built to help power and fiber-optic contractors easily create a clean, narrow trench in one pass, the new Ditch Witch MT164 microtrencher attachment offers maximum compact cable installation performance.  

Ditch Witch MT164 microtrencher attachment

Adaptable microtrencher attachment helps contractors boost productivity and reduce costs on the job.

Equipped with a standard hydraulic plunge and option to offset the frame, the MT164 provides variable depth control and gives contractors the ability to cut right up next to a curb, increasing productivity. The MT164 can trench up to 2 inches wide by 16 inches deep, allowing crews to cut deep enough to get through a standard-sized curb. It can also be set up for a push or pull application depending on the jobsite.

The microtrencher’s compact footprint provides operators increased flexibility with minimal disruption to surrounding infrastructure in urban areas. Additionally, contractors can more easily cross-cut roads, trenching from curb to curb. 

The MT164 is part of a complete microtrenching system that includes a construction-grade lineup of the Ditch Witch SK3000 stand-on skid steer and the Ditch Witch HX75 vacuum excavator.

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