Posted July 9, 2018

Mega Mixer

Danuser’s recently introduced Mega Mixer is designed to mix, scoop, and dispense materials ranging from bag-mix concrete up to 1.5-inch clean gravel.

Visually, the Mega Mixer has an aggressive look that’s packed with progressive features. The built-in cutting edges and robust design make it well-suited for scooping from piles of sand, gravel, feed, grains, dry topsoil, sawdust and a variety of other construction and agriculture materials.

Danuser Mega Mixer
The Danuser Mega Mixer can discharge material from the left or right side of the unit.

It comes standard with integrated chute storage, bag busters, a lockable discharge gate, klik pin holders, laser cut easy-to-read yardage markers and an 8-inch diameter auger capable of dispensing a full hopper of up to 1.5-inch materials in under 35 seconds.  

One of the features that makes the Mega Mixer unique is the intermediate mount. This mount allows the operator to discharge from the left or right side of a skid-steer or tractor and to change sides anytime to better meet each project’s specific needs.