Posted July 7, 2021

Mini cement mixer

Applied Machinery Sales introduces Merlo’s DBM 3500 cement mixer.

The DBM 3500 is a self-contained mini cement mixer with a drum volume of 1,321 gallons delivering 4.6 cubic yards of concrete. The self-loading bucket handles up to 25 cubic feet of aggregate at each load cycle. The pump moves 66 gallons of water per minute into the mixing drum, suppling up to 37.7 square feet. of concrete to be made in less than 15 minutes.

AMS Merlo DBM 3500 mini cement mixer
The DBM 3500 is a self-contained mini cement mixer with a drum volume of 1,321 gallons delivering 4.6 cubic yards of concrete.

The drum ensures a high-quality mix thanks to the high geometric volume of the drum, a reduced angle of inclination, and a double spiral propeller with variable pitch. The hydraulics on the self-loading bucket lifts and rotates the bucket as needed. The bucket door automatically opens to unload the aggregate into the drum. 

The hydraulic water system is composed of a 66 gpm self-priming pump with a three-way diverter to the barrel, tank or the 20 ft. hose with washing lance. A gallon counter placed on the dashboard and on the ground controls regulates the amount of water delivered into the barrel and the lance. 

A unique feature of the Merlo DBM3500 is the ground controls that replicate controls found in the cab. From the ground, an operator can control engine acceleration, water pump activation, drum rotation, barrel lift, chute lift and emergency stop.

The drum sits on a fifth-wheel design allowing 180 degrees of lateral rotation. Added to the vertical tilt capability, the DBM3500 can discharge concrete up to 330 degrees around the machine. The maximum unloading height of the discharge chute is 6.7 feet This hydraulically lifted and adjustable chute (+/- 90 degrees) and its two 10-foot extensions are standard.

The spacious, ROP-certified cab is built with double controls split between front and rear. The front controls are for driving. The comfortable seat spins 180 degreees to access the rear controls that drive the vehicle, manages the mixing drum and self-loading bucket. A lever is used to reverse the direction of machine travel. 

Operator and machine safety are designed into every DBM concrete mixer, sources report. When unloaded, the barrel offset, in relation to the frame axle, compensates for the cab weight and supplies optimal front and rear visibility. When fully loaded, the concrete mass is pushed onto the longitudinal axis of the machine to maintain the gravitational center.

The 100 horsepower Tier 4 Final-compliant engine is placed on the front side of the frame, maximizing ventilation for cooling and accessibility. 

The DBM3500 is a compact machine (17.9 feet x 7.7 feet x 12.7feet) with excellent weight balance and a travel speed of up to 25 mph. The DBM comes equipped with portal axles for increased ground clearance, 4WD with three steering modes, hydrostatic transmission,and a robust engine. Combined, the DBM 3500 delivers high torque to the wheels providing safe, nimble maneuvering on any terrain.

The DMM cement mixer is suitable for working in confined, difficult-to-reach spaces and the large water tank means the DBM3500 cement mixer can fully operate in areas without water supply sources.