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Li-ion energy storage system

Atlas Copco has introduced ZBC, the latest model in its ZenergiZe Li-ion energy storage system.

Atlas Copco ZenergiZe ZBC power storage unit
Atlas Copco has introduced ZBC, the latest model in its ZenergiZe Li-ion energy storage system.

ZenergiZe ZBC can be used standalone or combined with either a generator or a renewable source of energy to create a hybrid power solution. The energy storage system has the capability to create is an ideal solution for demanding applications that require a constant and significant flow of electrical energy.

“The use of Portable Energy Storage Systems is known for reducing the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and energy bills. Energy storage systems with Atlas Copco ECO controllers are able to integrate different and variable power sources such as grid, solar (PV), and generators in a micro-grid. This results in reduced energy cost while accelerating energy transition and increases resiliency of our temporary power installations in their transition to a low-to-zero emissions option,” explains Jorge Gutierrez Torres, business development manager of Sustainable Energy Solutions at Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow Division America.  

The ZenergiZe ZBC offers rated power from 2kVA to 1000kVA and an energy storage capacity of 2kWh and 1000kWh, depending on the model. It can be used with a generator to enable smart load management or serve as the primary source of power when used in ‘island mode.’ It can capture energy from solar panels and store it for delivery at any given time.

The intelligent control system manages the energy offer and demand coming from the different energy sources, increasing the efficiency of hybrid solutions that is translated into a cost reduction of the total solution.

This ZenergiZe can also act as the ‘brain’ of a microgrid, managing the power supply of entire areas such as small towns, university campuses and neighborhoods. It can store energy from diverse sources, manage the energy consumption and regulate the load for each of the applications associated with the microgrid.

The ZenergiZe energy storage systems can be synchronized with additional energy storage systems, generators, PV systems, or grids. This enables users to scale their final solution by paralleling up to 16 ZBCs, 16 PV systems, or 32 generators to reach any power node and grid.

The ZenergiZe range is ideal for applications where floor space is limited because the largest US model fits into a 20ft ISO container. The use of high-density Li-ion batteries means that they are 70 percent smaller and lighter in weight than other battery technologies. Thanks to its compact design, it can be used in rental or construction applications, where easy transport is a must, as well as in more stationary applications, where space and weight may be a constraint.

Atlas Copco’s energy storage systems are an ideal way to power remote applications or meet operating and safety restrictions in noise-sensitive environments, such as events and metropolitan construction sites. Additionally, the energy storage systems enable users to minimize the environmental impact of their operation by significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. For example, in a hybrid system using Atlas Copco’s ZBC and a small generator, operators can save up to 80% in fuel. While, in an ‘island mode,’ it can provide zero CO2 emissions, zero NOx pollution, and zero noise.

The ZenergiZe energy storage system range is easy to use, scale and install thanks to its plug-and-play design.


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