Posted June 13, 2018

Full mini excavator line

New Holland Construction shares its mini excavator line made up of seven models ranging from 1.7 to 6 metric tons.

“Each model is designed with the customer in mind to improve work efficiency and ensure reliability, without limiting the power and torque needed to get the job done,” says Doran Herritt, New Holland Construction Segment marketing leader.  

The seven-model lineup doubles the size of New Holland’s former compact excavator offering, and includes the previously introduced E17C, E26C, E33C, E37C, E57C and E60C. Each of the new excavators offer competitive performance measures on each available model, including extended-life components, liquid-cooled industrial Tier 4 Final-compliant diesel engines, an auto-shift traveling system and lower noise levels.

Performance features include:

  • Rail and inter-locking type track
    New Holland C Series line of mini excavators
    New Holland E Series mini excavator.
  • Auto-shift travel system automatically downshifts when load is sensed to increase torque and upshifts once load is no longer sensed
  • Auto-idle capability to automatically idle when operator does not give input to the control handles and returns to throttle setting when operator moves stick
  • Top-of-class ground clearance and excellent dozer blade lift height
  • Variable undercarriage (E17C) retracts for entry through tight egresses and then extends for stability
  • ESL (Engine Start Limit) System (anti-theft) ensures passcode is required to start engine and time between engine starts can be manually set

The  mini excavators feature industry-leading serviceability and convenience with easy access to engine compartment for daily checks, a convenient switch layout, easy-to-read cluster, touch screen monitor (E57C & E60C) and a wide, spacious cab.

Excavator cab features excellent forward visibility, with excavator-style window and removable lower window. Retractable windows on the right side and rear mirrors on both sides improve all-around visibility. In addition to its well-designed visibility, the cab is optimized for a comfortable operating experience and offers features such as an ergonomically designed suspension seat, adjustable arm rests and a spacious environment to help reduce operator fatigue, and more.

For more information on each model’s performance features, serviceability, convenience and configurations on each available model, visit