Posted June 1, 2018

Versatile dolly/trailer

Dyna Hauler, Inc. introduces the patented DynaDolly system that allows users to load, ship and unload any length of shipping container that is 96″ wide, empty or loaded.

The DynaDolly system provides a cost-effective means to move shipping containers, that can also convert into a gooseneck equipment trailer, gooseneck freight rrailer that also

DynaDolly from DynaHauler
The DynaDolly .

doubles as a roll-back and a 13-yard gooseneck dump body. It can lift from 6 to 15 tons and carry up to a 25,000-pound payload with a 3/4 ton to 1 ton pickup truck.

The DynaDolly is the only gooseneck dolly system that is the last solution you will ever need to handle all of your transport needs while eliminating the need for multiple trailers. The DynaDolly is packaged in an affordable solution, with the base unit that is comparible in costto a single 40-foot tilt-back hydraulic trailer with a chain drive system; XL unit is priced under the cost of a 15-ton hoist.

“With shipping container construction soaring and more people getting into the hot shot trucking industry, a solution was needed to transport shipping containers in a cost-effective, efficient manner while giving the ability to have a unit that can convert into a multiple use solution, the DynaDolly is that solution,” says Stan Weatherby, Dynahauler CEO. “We are opening up our first retail location in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and have just finalized our Department of Defense Contractor and Manufacturer Status and are providing the Military a versatile Transport System.”