Posted May 27, 2020

Rough-terrain MEWP line

Manitou offers four rough-terrain straight boom Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in North America—the Manitou TJ 65, TJ 65+, TJ 80+ and TJ 85.

Top features of these new models include smooth platform operation, three steering modes and the ability to make four simultaneous movements. The straight boom MEWPs feature proportionate hydraulic movements, constant rotational control that keeps speeds within a safe range depending on boom extension, and the ability to make four simultaneous movements. They can be operated in 4-wheel, 2-wheel or crab steering modes.

Manitou TJ 85 MEWP
The TJ 85 is one of four rough-terrain MEWPs offered by Manitou in North America.

They range in platform lift height, from 64 feet 10 inches to 84 feet 6 inches. The Manitou TJ 65+ and TJ 85+ come standard with a larger platform, measuring 7 feet 7 inches by 3 feet and can comfortably hold three people and are allowed to lift up to 900 pounds unrestricted.

All four models are powered by a Kubota 49.6 hp diesel engine and have a front oscillating axle for additional driving power on any terrain. Machine maintenance is simplified with a self-diagnostic panel at ground level to quickly detect fault codes.

Manitou’s telematics system also gives the ability to manage the unit’s location, maintenance cycles and service warnings.