Posted May 24, 2018

Three 74-horsepower telescopic handlers

Manitou introduces the MTA Easy74 telescopic handlers for the North American market.

This new range includes three 74-horsepower telescopic handler models – MTA 6642 Easy74, MTA 8044 Easy74 and MTA 10055 Easy74.

Manitou MTA Easy74 Telehandler
Manitou introduces the MTA Easy74 telescopic handlers for the North American market.

“The Manitou Easy74 models were designed with the rental industry in mind,” says Steve Kiskunas, product manager – telescopic handlers, Manitou Group. “Understanding the typical demands to maintain and support Tier-IV construction equipment, we chose to provide a 74-hp option without a DEF system for our already popular Manitou MTA telehanders. Our rental customers, especially, will benefit from the simplified maintenance.”

Developed from the proven MTA Series III telescopic handlers, the new Easy74 machines are powered with a Tier-IV 74-horsepower Cummins turbocharged diesel engine providing 295 foot.-pounds of torque at 2500 rpm. This best-in-class engine requires only DOC exhaust treatment and does not require regeneration.

This new engine package is coupled with a Dana 4-speed powershift transmission allowing full-time 4-wheel drive, 3 steering modes and machine travel speeds up to 15 miles per hour. All lift and height capacities remain the same as the Manitou MTA Series III models, and the MTA Easy74 machines also follow Manitou’s industry-leading 1,000 hour extended oil change service intervals.

The MTA Easy74 telescopic handlers are equipped with a single all-in-one joystick control. This feature allows the operator to control all functions of the boom including extension, retraction, attachment tilt and auxiliary hydraulics, as well as select directional drive on the same single joystick. This design allows the operator to leave one hand on the steering wheel at all times and control all other machine functions with the other hand.

The all-new MTA Easy74 Telescopic Handlers are ideal for rental. With no regeneration or diesel engine fluid (DEF) required, the Manitou MTA Easy74 will deliver a solid performance by providing low maintenance requirements, a reduced cost of ownership and a greater return on investment.

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