Posted May 21, 2020

Plate compactor line

Packer Brothers offers full line of plate compactors in battery-operated and 120-volt electric motor-powered models.

The PB137B and PB137E Plate compactors weigh 127 pounds with a force of 2,200 pounds with 12 x 18-inch plate sizes.

Packer Brothers plate compactors

The PB184B and PB184E plate compactor weighs 176 pouinds with a force of 3,300 pounds and a plate size of 17 x 24 inches.

Packer Brothers also offers an edging trowel in battery- or electric-powered options.

The batter-powered products use the same battery with a run time of 15 to 30 minutes and a one-hour charge time. Extra batteries and chargers will allow continuous use.