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Self-propelled lift and dump container

The Equipter RB2500 model is designed to perform on various challenging terrains.

This compact, self-propelled dump container features a 9-horsepower engine that allows the user to transport whatever is needed to get the job done across nearly any site.

Equipter RB2500 dumper
The Equipter RB 2500  rough-terrain unit can transport building materials and waste efficiently and economically.

With a 7-foot hydraulic lift, contractors can raise and unload supplies at window or roof level and then use the container as a portable dump container to load with up to 2,500 pounds of debris. When the lightweight aluminum container is full, a single person can navigate it to a larger on-site dumpster or dump truck, angle it into the dump position, drop the tailgate, and watch the debris slide right out of the container.

Perfect for removing damaged furniture from flooding and other natural disasters, hauling 8 to 10 square of roofing debris at a time, or simply streamlining start-of-day setup, the RB2500 can conquer it all on the toughest ground.


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