Posted May 13, 2022

Strongest, best-performing telehandler

The new Genie GTH-1056 10K telehandler offers 10 percent lower total cost of ownership while delivering 20 percent more lift capacity at maximum height in a machine with a 30 percent stronger design.

The GTH-1056 builds on popular features found on the proven GTH-636 and GTH-846 models, including a side-mounted engine and stronger boom design to deliver a rugged, reliable telescopic handler with a 10,000-pound capacity.

Genie GTH-1056 telehandler
The Genie GTH-1056 telehandler features Enduro A/T tires that are exclusive to Genie.

“Customers provided critical feedback after operating multiple units for hundreds of hours on real jobsites,” says Josh Taylor, Genie product manager. “Design enhancements focus on delivering reliable machine performance for increased productivity on even the most rugged and challenging of job sites, while improving serviceability and lowering total cost of ownership.”

In addition to being built for performance, the GTH-1056 also was designed for durability. “The GTH-1056 has undergone more testing than any other Genie telehandler previously brought to market,” Taylor adds.

Able to lift 5,000 pounds at maximum height of 56 feet 7 inches and 3,000 pounds at maximum reach of 42 feet, the GTH-1056 features a 30 percent stronger boom and chassis. The boom with mid-pivot point uses a single lift cylinder. “This simpler configuration, combined with a wider, stiffer horsehead efficiently transfers loads in applications imposing high stress on the boom, such as pipe handling or suspended loads,” Taylor explains. “Created for long-term productivity, the reforged GTH-1056 is a telehandler operators and rental companies can count on to get the job done.”

Three powertrain options
Owners can choose from three powertrain options to spec the GTH-1056 to the needs of their organization. In addition to the 120-horsepower Deutz engine with four-speed powershift transmission, Genie also offers a 74-horsepower Deutz Tier 4 Final-complaint engine with 3-speed powershift transmission or with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

For rental applications, the 74-horsepower DEF-free engine option is a low-maintenance solution. CVT delivers performance on par with the 120-horsepower engine, but with a lower purchase cost and better fuel efficiency. It delivers drawbar pull and drive speed performance that is similar to the 120-horsepower engine. To ensure the new GTH-1056 delivers on performance while reducing the time and expense of maintenance, the lower horsepower engine does not require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

The 120-horsepower powershift model, which delivers 23,110 pounds of drawbar and 18 mph drive speed, is best for customers with dedicated operators working in applications where maximum power and speed is needed every day.

Featuring new, long-life Enduro A/T Tires
Further supporting rough-terrain operations while lowering total cost of ownership, Genie introduces its new long-life Enduro A/T tires, a hybrid, all-terrain tread design exclusive to Genie. The hybrid tread pattern on the tires combines the best characteristics of rock lug tires and conventional rough-terrain tires. A wide center bar delivers better wear on hard surfaces and self-cleaning outer lugs power through soft, muddy ground without becoming clogged. Enduro A/T tires also provide one-third longer wear before replacement is needed, reducing ownership costs. The Enduro A/T tires come standard on the GTH-1056.

The GTH-1056 delivers power to the wheels through limited slip differential on both the front and rear axles, which automatically shifts torque to wheels that are slipping. In addition, these axles are free of hydraulics, reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Additional design enhancements
The design of the GTH-1056 improves rear visibility for operators, while service personnel will find boom maintenance is easier to accomplish thanks to improved hose routing, chain retention and slide-in wear pads.