Posted May 12, 2021

Dust control system

Montabert has introduced its new water mist system to mitigate silica dust exposure on job sites.

“Montabert is providing this new water spray feature as a solution for contractors to minimize silica on job sites,” says Stephane Giroudon, director of Sales – Americas for Montabert. “The contractor is required to find a way to meet OSHA standards and Montabert found a way to help them do that.”

Montabert dust suppression system for smaller breakers
Montabert's dust suppression kit is avaialble for use on smaller Montabert breakers. 

The spray feature has an integrated hose protection design with a water inlet port. Breakers with this feature will have two lifting points and a water nozzle that provides a wide-angle spray.

“The spray attachment will be available on our smaller breakers, including the SC-22 and SC-28,” says Giroudon.