Posted May 12, 2021

Battery-powered roller screed

Curb Roller Manufacturing offers the Batt Screed 6000, which it claims is the world’s first battery-powered roller screed.

The lightweight, versatile roller screed operates with no cords, hoses or fumes, offering unparalleled mobility, precision and efficiency to contractors of all sizes.

Curb Roller Batt Screed 6000
The smart and simple design of the Batt Screed 6000 includes an adjustable right- or left-hand speed control, variable speed in  high and low ranges, and a three-position handle that allows for a more ergonomic operation for operators.

The Batt Screed eliminates the hassle of working around a cord and the added weight of an engine mounted on the screed. The unit gets its power from a removable and rechargeable 60-volt Li-ion DeWalt FlexVolt battery. One fully charged battery is estimated to screed off 1,800-2,500 square feet, depending on the slump and pipe length.

By eliminating an auxiliary power source, the Batt Screed 6000 can be operated almost anywhere. Unlike gas, electric and hydraulic roller screeds, the Batt Screed eliminates exhaust fumes, power cords and the need for hydraulic power sources, making it ideal for indoor operation or use in tight spaces.

The Batt Screed easily accommodates jobs from 3 to 22 feet with expandable tube inserts, making it it ideal for small and large jobs including bike trails, golf cart paths, garage pads, shed floors, grain bin pads and parking lots. 

“Our Curb Roller team is continuously looking to lead the industry with products that make customers more profitable,” says Seth Ulmer, Curb Roller Manufacturing sales manager. “We don’t design ‘me too’ products. We provide the tools that contractors want, with the features that allow them to get more jobs done.”

The Batt Screed provides a consistently higher-quality finished product than vibrating screeds or screed boards. It eliminates the need for back-breaking work, providing an ideal solution for contractors who want to get more flatwork done in less time, all with a better, flatter finished product.

Because roller screeds spin the concrete into shape vs. vibrating the concrete, larger aggregate, and more of it, remains near the surface of the slab, providing increased structural integrity. Conversely, vibrating screeds use vibration to form the concrete which often causes the aggregate to fall to the bottom of the slab, leaving the concrete more open to spalling.   

With a lightweight design and a folding handle, the Batt Screed 6000 is easy to operate and transport. The smart and simple design includes an adjustable right- or left-hand speed control, variable speed in high and low ranges, and a three-position handle that allows for a more ergonomic operation for operators. The multi-position handle gives operators more versatility when it comes to obstacles or limiting factors during a pour. For example, if a contractor is pouring a driveway, they can position the handle outward to allow them to walk outside of the forms.

The Batt Screed design includes a heavy-duty kickstand that enables the operator to leave the screed free-standing during a pour. Other screeds that don’t have this feature risk being set in wet concrete or dust, which can be detrimental to the operation of the machine. The kickstand increases the cleanliness and longevity of the unit.

The Batt Screed’s kickstand and handle fold and lock away for compact and lightweight transport without removing the battery, reducing the risk of broken parts during transport. The Batt Screed features strong connection points that help prevent unnecessary wear or breakage.

The single-pin connection on both ends allows the operator to remove the pipe from the handles in less than 60 seconds. The quick assembly and break-down of the Batt Screed enhance productivity enabling contractors to complete more projects each day.  

The Batt Screed’s premier all-steel housing protects the motor and electrical components inside from moisture, concrete and accidental impact, and an access door protects the battery from dirt and debris.


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