Posted May 11, 2018

L-class vibrating screen

Haver & Boecker unit delivers versatility in a compact design.

Haver & Boecker offers the Tyler L-Class vibrating screen for classifying wet or dry material as well as an ideal dewatering method. The compact machine is versatile and easy to maintain, with no timing belts or gears that normally need replacing.

Haver & Boecker L-class vibrating screen
Haver & Boecker’s Tyler L-Class vibrating screen is ideal for classifying wet or dry material or dewatering. The machine is easy to maintain with no timing belts or gears that normally need replacin

Producers can customize the 6-foot-wide machine in two lengths, a 16- and 20-foot length. Primarily mounted horizontally, the L-Class can also be inclined or declined as much as 3 degrees.

The linear L-Class handles up to 400 tph and features a 45-degree mounted double-shaft overhead drive system with direct-mounted motors. Producers can access multiple speed and stroke options by changing the pulleys and plate weights. The application-specific body design offers simplified maintenance with a one-piece removable head and shaft assembly. In addition, unlike most linear-stroke machines, the L-Class does not require timing belts or gears, making maintenance even simpler.

The L-Class is also ideal for separating water from product in dewatering applications. When positioned at a negative incline of about 3 degrees, the vibrating screen’s g-force moves wet material uphill on the screen. Gravity and the natural operation of the equipment help screen out water before the material reaches the discharge. The thick layer of material on the screen also acts as a filter cake and presses water out, as well as traps fine particles that would be lost in a thin-layer screening process.

For operations requiring a level of portability, Haver & Boecker engineers pair the L-Class with the Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant on a skid structure. This combination offers the opportunity to purchase the three components together, saving operations months of time they would have spent designing and building a skid structure for a wash plant.

Many operations are eligible to receive Haver & Boecker’s Uptime Service Package free with the purchase of an L-Class. The service program provides 36 months of warranty coverage on any new equipment purchase. Uptime offers customers a full-service approach to equipment optimization, from parts inspection and equipment assessment to screen media evaluation.



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