Posted May 10, 2022

Sweet-spot telehandler

Applied Machinery introduces the Merlo P72.10Plus telehandler.

Merlo’s Heavy-Duty range of telehandlers is engineered to meet the needs of all industries required to safely move heavy loads under all conditions. The user-friendly P72.10PLUS offers excellent telescopic performance without limiting the speed of work. 

Merlo P72.10Plus telehandler
The user-friendly P72.10PLUS offers excellent telescopic performance without limiting the speed of work. 

Maximum load capacity is 15,800 lbs. The low pivot, no-flex boom has a lift height up to 31 feet 3 inches. Top load at full height is 9,000 pounds. It has a maximum reach of 17 feet 1 inch and easily manages 4,500 pounds. 

The P72.10PLUS is powered by a 115-horsepower Perkins engine with Eco Power Drive (EPD). To maximize efficiency, the EPD automatically controls and adjusts engine speed, hydrostatic pump flow rate and hydrostatic engine displacement according to operating conditions. EPD reduces engine speed and ensures a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 18 percent.

A load-sensing hydraulic pump with a flow-sharing distributor supplies the P72.10PLUS with high efficiency, excellent performance, and smooth operation. The hydrostatic transmission, 4WD, 3 steering modes and speed up to 25 mph creates a very nimble machine. 

Merlo’s adaptive stability control system (ASCS) recognizes the machine’s operating parameters in real time. This includes attachments, load weight and machine positioning. Depending on the implement in use, the system can vary the response of the machine and the speed of movements. Machine safety also includes an automatic parking brake management system. The machine sets the brake automatically when the engine switches off to avoid unintentional movement.

Every Merlo has a 3-foot solid ring of steel surrounding the machine. Along with increasing structural strength, the ring of steel eliminates the need for counterweights, making this a very compact telehandler with dimensions of 17 feet 11inches x 7 feet 4 inches x 8 feet 2inches. The P72.10PLUS is equipped with frame leveling, boom side-shift, and inching pedal for safe precision material placement.

Control center
Designed for the operator, the cab sports automotive-style ergonomics while ensuring excellent protection for the operator. FOPS (Level II)- and ROPS-certified, the 3 foot 3 inch spacious cockpit and the expansive glass surface -front, back, sides and roof ­ of the cab ensures unparalleled comfort and full visibility. Reverse shuttle is on the steering column and joystick. 

The P70.10PLUS packages together everything needed for optimum job performance. For the operator: comfort, visibility, safety.