Concrete saw 

MK Diamond Products’ MK-1800 concrete saw features an integrated water tank, option for propane and balanced weight over the blade shaft and wheels.

The crank-assist is the first of its kind to reduce operator fatigue and improves the raising and lowering of the blade. It is designed for wet or dry, general-application sawing and can be outfitted with a Honda, Vanguard or Kohlerengine.

MK Diamond Products concrete saw

The heavy-dutyframe is made from hot-rolled steel providing maximum durability and the reinforced box steel construction provides balanced weight distribution.

The depth control assembly allows the blade to be raised and lowered to the desired cutting depth easily and the Micro-V20J belt provides maximum power transmission to the blade shaft.

The maximum blade capacity is 18inches that can make a 6 5/8 inch-deep cut. The deluxe self-propelled model comes with a Li-ion-powered 36-volt DC brushless in-the-wheel motor that pushes the saw straight in the cut.