Posted May 1, 2018

Power cutter

The Husqvarna K 770 power cutter offers heavy-duty cutting, durable design, easy starts and comfortable handling in one easy-to-handle package.

The K 770 power cutter is more powerful, easier to handle and even more convenient to maintain. Its design is based on a half a century’s worth of experience, proven technology and technical expertise first developed by Evald Carlsson in 1958 when he invented the very first power cutter by modifying his chainsaw when he replaced the chain with a cutting disc and a drive belt.

Husqvarna 770 power cutter
Husqvarna 770 power cutter.

The K 770 is a package of operational perfection, sources report. Fit the blade. Fill the tank. Prime, choke and pull the cord. Users will appreciate the power of the 74cc engine and its torque as well as the 5 inch cutting depth, depending on your choice of blade. 

It has a high power-to-weight ratio and an xclusive design that increases the exactness and the force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped chassis ensure comfortable handling during long, productive work shifts.

The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension technology makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, ensuring optimal power transmission as well as maximum life of the belt. It also features a new heavy-duty cutting arm with three-bolt joint for longevity and durability is guaranteed in all conditions. 

Safety and ergonomics are at the forefront with the comprehensive Power Cutter User Guide, a digital hub containing instructional videos, know-how and educational material that will help experienced and first time users.

Displacement                         4.48 cubic inches
Engine power,                        5 horsepower
Blade diameter                      12 or 14 inches
Max cutting depth                 4 or 5 inches
Weight, excl. fuel and blade             22 pounds