Electric dual-head surface grinder 

General Equipment Company’s SG24/E surface grinder is powered by a totally enclosed, fan-cooled 2-horsepower electric motor.

It provides extra power for applications where a gasoline engine is not practical or prohibited.The unit features standard twin, counter-rotating discs that can work a 24-inch x 12-inch area.

General Equipment SG24/E surface grinder

The discs can be quickly removed to allow 10-inch diameter,multi-segmented dry diamond discs to be attached for increased productivity on polymer, concrete, epoxy, plastic overlays and critical flat floor installations.

Other attachment systems are available for breaking up common deposits found on floors. The unit has a unitized, welded steel-plate frame, extra-capacity self-aligning ball bearing units and a heavy-duty spur gear transmission.

An adjustable full-width, tubular-designed operator handle maximizes operator leverage and control, while minimizing fatigue.