Nitrogen breakers 

Bobcat Company offers a line of six new, powerful nitrogen breaker attachments covering all Bobcat compact equipment.

They deliver powerful impact energy and are built to high quality standards with a simplified design that makes attachment maintenance easy. The new breakers have few internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports that reduce the breaker’s maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier.

Bobcat breaker line

The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on hydraulic pumps. A loader X-Change mounting frame allows owners to transition nitrogen breakers from a compact loader to a compact excavator, a popular feature for rental stores that rent breakers across a variety of compact equipment.

Nitrogen breaker tools vary by model and include blunts, moils, chisels and nailpoints. An optional water nozzle kit for dust suppression is coming soon.