Dust collection system

APT offers the new ADP10 dust collection system kit with a 21-foot suction hose, universal shroud connector, three dust collection bags and three bellows.

This kit helps protect workers from exposure to crystalline silica on construction job sites.

APT dust collector

Using the Venturi principle, the ADP10 creates a vacuum using compressed air. Consuming 25 cfm per tool, the vacuum suction capacity of the system is more than four feet of water.

The filter has the capacity of 99.58 percent filtration of exhaust air. A filter-cleaning mechanism enhances the filter life and a vacuum indicator notifies the operator of a clogged filter.

At 55 pounds, it transports easily and sets up quickly. A trolley-mounted version is also available, which has the ability to store two working tools, such as a chisel or moil point, and up to a 9-pound pneumatic tool.