Drum cutters 

Kinshofer’s WS-Series drum cutters feature an exclusive pick angle and optimal chisel arrangement for high performance and minimal wear.

These features make the attachments ideal for demolition, mining, tunneling and road construction.


Drum cutters are a quieter alternative to hydraulic breakers, making them excellent for use in areas with noise restrictions.

They also produce less vibration than breakers, so contractors can use them where there’s a risk of disturbing a nearby structure’s foundation.

Kinshofer offers four chisel tips that attach to the wear pick: standard, heavy-duty, wear-protected and wood. Standard chisels are excellent for breaking asphalt, argillite and other soft to medium-hard rocks while the heavy-duty chisels power through medium-hard to very hard materials such as limestone and concrete.

WS-Series drum cutters are available in seven models for 2- to 60-ton excavators. For added versatility, the attachment can be paired with Kinshofer’s NOX Tiltrotator, which enables 360-degree continuous rotation and multi-directional tilting up to 55 degrees.