Posted April 12, 2021

Mobile elevating work platform

The Manitou ATJ 46+ mobile elevating work platform is ideal for high capacity jobs, such as construction, bridge maintenance and repair, welding and more.

It features a larger, higher capacity platform that allows up to 900 pounds without restriction, so from the ground up this machine can handle the full capacity. The extra-long 7-foot 7-inch by 3-foot platform provides enough space and capacity for additional materials or it can carry three people at once.

Manitou ATJ46+ boom lift

The Manitou ATJ 46+ mobile elevating work platform features a larger, higher capacity platform that allows up to 900 pounds without restriction, so from the ground up this machine can handle the full capacity.

The heavy-duty platform is fully galvanized and rust resistant for extreme outdoor conditions. The mesh floor is also removable, so if it needs to be replaced, it is much quicker and easier to just replace the floor instead of the entire platform. Additional benefits of the platform design on the ATJ 46+ include a large tool compartment tray and easy entrance/exit with a swing gate and slide bar access. 

The Manitou ATJ 46+ is a diesel-powered work platform with a maximum platform height of 45 feet 6 inches, horizontal outreach of 28 feet 3inches and up-and-over height of 26 feet 8 inches. It has 360 degrees of continuous rotation with constant rotation control, so the rotation speed stays within a safe range depending on how far out the boom is extended. It is designed to push through rough terrain with a ground clearance of 17 inches and 40 percent gradeability, four-wheel drive and front-oscillating axle that delivers additional power for driving on slippery or uneven surfaces. Additionally, the ATJ 46+ provides three different steering modes: 4-wheel, 2-wheel or crab.

The Manitou ATJ 46+ was engineered with the customer in mind, incorporating new technologies in safety and performance. Movements are quick and smooth with four simultaneous movements allowed at one time, so the operator achieves maximum productivity. The machine can also reach 46 feet in 40 seconds. All hydraulic movements are managed by joysticks and are proportionate, allowing for precise adjustments in tight areas. When the operator moves the platform, main hydraulic movement is reduced automatically at the beginning and end of the position of the cylinder, eliminating hard stops and shakiness in the basket. The Manitou ATJ 46+ features an easy and intuitive control panel with an on-screen display that includes information on fuel, operating hours and battery voltage. An optional Safe-Man System automatically shuts off the unit if it detects that an operator or object is being pushed into the control panel.

Manitou machines integrate many features that are focused on reducing the total cost of ownership. The ATJ 46+ has a 42.9-horsepower Tier IV engine that does not require regeneration or DEF fluid, which lowers maintenance costs. All components are easily accessible and a self-diagnostic system delivers any fault codes to a ground control panel. The ATJ 46+ is also a connected machine, meaning it comes standard with Manitou’s EasyMANAGER telematics system. EasyMANAGER provides actionable data at your fingertips so owners can be more proactive with maintenance and increase machine uptime. Owners have instant access to the machine’s location, maintenance cycles, service warnings and much more through the EasyMANAGER web portal or mobile app.

The Manitou ATJ 46+ is part of a full line of Manitou MEWPs available in North America, including diesel and electric models that lift from 33 feet up to 49 feet. This model, along with all other Manitou MEWPs, complies with the new ANSI standards.