Posted April 5, 2022

New line of air compressor accessories

Doosan Portable Power introduces new double-hose reel, blast pot and tool holder.

The new double-hose reel, blast pot and tool holder are convenient, lightweight and durable accessories that are easy to install by equipment owners or authorized Doosan Portable Power dealers.

Doosan Blast Pot
Blast pot attachment.
Doosan hose reel attachment
Hose reel attachment
Tool holder attachment
Tool holder attachment.

These accessories are compatible with the popular Doosan Portable Power P185 and C185 portable air compressors as well as the P185-HP150, XP185-VHP165 and P250-MHP185 models.

“We’re excited to bring practical, user-friendly accessories to the market to accompany our air compressors. These accessories are simple to use and provide lasting solutions for operators,” says Joe Tomlin, Doosan Portable Power product specialist, “These accessories are made to perfectly fit new and existing Doosan Portable Power air compressor models.”

Double-hose reel: The double hose reel is conveniently placed at the front of the compressor and swivels so the hoses are easy to access without having to move the air compressor. Each hose reel is equipped with 100 feet of hose.

Blast pot: The new blast pot is also mounted at the front of the machine. Made of a lightweight material, this blast pot is easy to install, remove and position where it is needed for a job, but it is also durable enough to stay mounted on the air compressor. In addition, the blast hose has a nozzle for adding water to the dry media for slurry blasting versatility.

“We chose to use a lighter material on the blast pot to give operators more flexibility in how they use the machine,” sya Tomlin, “The latch system that secures the blast pot to the trailer is so simple that you can have the blast pot off the machine in five seconds or less.”

Tool holder: The tool holder is another simple and effective innovation to increase operator convenience. This T-shaped bracket can hold up to a 90-pound hammer under the hood of the air compressor, which frees up space in the toolbox.

The bracket is secured into the existing four-bolt hole pattern, so no additional drilling is required to install the tool holder.