Posted April 3, 2023

Compact excavator

Kubota introduces the KX030-4 compact excavator that replaces the KX71-3S in the 2- to 3-ton segment and rounds out Kubota’s KX Series lineup.

Kubota KX030-4 compact excavator
Kubota introduces the new KX030-4 compact excavator to replace the KX71-3S in the 2- to 3-ton segment. The new KX030-4 is now available at Kubota dealerships.

It delivers increased breakout and lifting force while decreasing the overall weight of the machine, making for easier trailering and transport between job sites.

Available in canopy and cab models, it provides 24.7 horsepower, a digging depth of 9 feet 7 inches and a bucket breakout force of 6,924 pounds. An auto-downshift feature allows the operator to travel in second speed and make turns without having to downshift. A hydraulic diverter valve on the dipper arm is standard, allowing operators to easily switch between attachments.

A spacious interior is designed to create a better operator experience with a larger entrance, and more cabin and foot space than the KX71-3S. A large, easy-to-read digital instrument panel seamlessly monitors current working conditions, engine speed, temperature and oil levels. The front glass window opens easily.