Posted March 31, 2020

Compact utility loader

The Boxer 700HDX compact utility loader, produced by Morbark, LLC, is designed to reduce hand labor and the costs of performing key tasks so you can lift more, move more and dig faster.

It features a 77-inchhinge pin height and a 707-pound rated operating capacity, with a tip capacity of 2,020 pounds. With a 24.8-horsepower diesel engine and 11.3/8.7 gpm high/low hydraulic auxiliary flow, the 700HDX provides all the power you need for tough jobs.

Boxer 700HDX compact utility loader

A unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage allows the operator to retract the undercarriage for 36"-wide passages, then expand to as much as 43.5 inches for increased stability while in operation.

It features a redesigned platform with added creature comforts, hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated engine and hydraulic components, tightened boom tolerances. A

universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system to quickly and easily switch between any of the more than 50 available standard attachments.