Posted March 24, 2021

Redesigned mulching tractor

Fecon increases horsepower 10 percent on its redesigned FTX150-2 mulching tractor that delivers best-in-class cutting and track power.

A Cummins 3.8L Tier 4, Stage 5 engine delivers 10 percent more horsepower and the hydraulic system provides 60 gpm hydraulic flow with a dedicated circuit to the attachment.

Fecon FTX150-2 mulching tractor
Fecon increases horsepower 10 percent on its redesigned FTX150-2 mulching tractor that delivers best-in-class cutting and track power.

This upgraded forestry tractor also features high-strength steel construction for greater durability, a more open engine compartment with large doors for easier service and a cooling system designed specifically for mulching.

The spacious cab includes excellent operator visibility, in-cab adjustable flow for attachment versatility with pre-sets, and a 7-inch touchscreen IQAN display.

The purpose-built Fecon FTX150-2 mulching tractor is ideal for all forestry mulching applications, from large scale right-of-way maintenance to vegetation management and lot clearing jobs, it has the power and versatility for any land clearing project, Fecon sources report. 

The Stage 5 engine delivers 155 peak horsepower, so the FTX150-2 has plenty of power to tackle the toughest forestry mulching projects, yet with Fecon Green biodegradable fluid it is ideal for working in sensitive locations.  The Fecon Power Management system automatically monitors and maintains engine power for maximum production in all types of mulching conditions. 

The simpler, single-can aftertreatment system is simple to use and maintain.  The more open engine bay design allows easy access to maintenance items.  With insulation in the can, there is no need for blankets.  

Purpose-built for durability in demanding applications, the FTX150-2 features a cooling system designed specifically for mulching applications.  The larger cooler compensates for a higher duty cycle, while wider fins prevent clogging.  

The larger cab features keyless operation, and automatic climate control to keep operators comfortable and productive despite extreme environments.  A touchscreen display allows operators to control all machine functions with ease, including a remote fuse panel, integrated time clocks and a high-flow counter to better determine operating hours on the cutting head.   

The FTX150-2 is designed for safety as well as production, with pin-on attachments for safety and durability.   A standard rear-view camera and increased cab visibility allow operators virtually increased visibility.

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