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Stump cutter

The Rayco Super Jr stump cutter is the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986.

Rayco Super Jr stump cutter

The Super Jr stump cutter is powered by a 27 or 37 horsepower gasoline engine. For visibility while cutting, the drivetrain is located on the far side of the cutter wheel and the swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting yet swings into the machine for travel through gates.

Wide floatation tires with bar tread provide a firm grip on terrain; dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the center of gravity and lets the Super Jr cut at maximum depth across its total swing path. The RG37 is available as a tracked unit with a short track base for easy turns with less turf.


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