Insulated spider lift

All Access Equipment introduces the CMC i23, the first model from its new “i” series, which is electrically insulated up to 46 kV.

According to the latest IPAF Security Global Report, electrocution is the second most common cause of fatal accidents for users of MEWPs.

CMC i23 spider lift

The risk of electrocution affects not only those who are working on medium- and high-voltage power lines but also those who are in the vicinity. The CMC i23 spier lift has been designed to reduce the risk of electrocution with the use of a highly insulating fiberglass material for the single-seat basket, special insulating fiber-inserts installed on the aerial portion of the machine, and a special non-conductive oil used in the hydraulic system. 

The unit has a maximum working height of 74 feet 9 inches and 32 feet 9 inches maximum outreach with a 416-pound basket capacity, Built for indoor or outdoor work, it can also be mounted on a truck chassis. It can pass through 36-inch wide doors. Total weight is 8,664 pounds