Posted February 9, 2021

Asphalt rollers

Dynapac North America add two new rollers, the CC1300VI 4.3-ton and CC1400VI 4.75-ton models to its Generation VI compact asphalt roller range.

Dynapac adds the double-drum and combination versions of CC1300VI and CC1400VI to its already released CC1100VI and CC1200VI models. This takes its compact asphalt roller range of 2.46-ton to 4.75-ton models.

The models meet the commercial and highway paving industry’s tough conditions. By keeping the operator in mind, it results in a robust, comfortable and modern machine producing the best compaction result, sources report.

The new Generation VI machines have a unique design with their cross-mounted engine.  This, in combination with excellent visibility and massive casted forks with built-in flexible lifting, towing, and tie down possibilities, the CC1300VI and CC1400VI rollers open new possibilities to select suitable compaction characteristics with optional dual amplitudes and dual edge pressers. 

Dynapac Generatio VI asphalt rollers
Dynapac North America add two new rollers, the CC1300VI 4.3-ton and CC1400VI 4.75-ton models to its Generation VI compact asphalt roller range.

These Generation VI rollers include efficient eccentrics guaranteeing optimum powerful performance in the vibration start-up process. The machines feature high-frequency compaction with the possibility to choose between dual frequencies (3,240/2,940 vpm) depending on different conditions and applications. Dual-amplitude (0.02 inches/0.007 inches) function is also available as an option for even more flexibility to compact different layer thickness. 

Equipped with an optional asphalt temperature meter operators can make sure compaction is done at the right temperature interval.  Other optional equipment include front right mounted edge presser/edge cutter, dual front right and left edge presser/edge cutter and an optional rear mounted chip spreader. These machine models are also available in a combi-version with four static rubber wheels at the rear.

Operator efficiency and comfort
Designing the new rollers with the operator in mind has resulted in a comfortable and modern operator’s environment. The spacious and vibration damped operator platform enables good operator comfort even during long working days, increasing the quality of the job. A new comfort seat is available with weight adjustment, armrests and optional heated seat. The forward and reverse lever follows the optional sliding seat for even better ergonomics and better control.

An optional dual forward and reverse lever enables even better ergonomics and control over the compaction process. The new instrument-panel with keypad buttons and a display showing the most important functions helps the driver operate the roller in a controlled way. An optional canopy protecting the driver from different weather conditions enhances the operator's efficiency. The canopy is foldable for easy transportation.

Optimal compaction performance without compromise
Sustainability is one of Dynapac’s cornerstones. Having sustainability and the working environment in mind during the development process resulted in the latest emission-reduction technology to fulfill North American emission regulations.

The range is powered by durable, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engines. For the North American market, Dynapac offers a 50 hp Tire 4 Fianl-compliant Kubota engine with Eco mode. Its patented efficient eccentrics system optimizea compaction performance without drawing too much power from power plant, even in the toughest slope conditions, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint. 

Great serviceability
Easily accessible daily service points have been a target in the design work. The engine hood is large and opens almost 90 degrees for full accessibility. A gas-spring balance offers easy opening and closing. The cross-mounted engine is unique for optimal serviceability and major daily service-points under the hood are very easy to reach. All hydraulic hoses, sprinkler nozzles, water pumps and can be accessed quickly and efficiently. The sprinkler pump and filter are easily accessible behind a cover above the rear drum.