Posted February 8, 2022

Balloon bag light

Multiquip, Inc. (MQ) offers the GloBug lighting series that features LED technology and includes the GBX24BK model.

It is a unique, 2,400-watt LED diffused balloon bag lighting system that produces 399,000 lumens of output that casts a 360-degree, shadow-free lighting diameter of more than 225 feet.

MultiQuip GloBug light towers
The MultiQuip GloBug GBX24BK balloon bag light tower model.

It has more than a 40,000-hour chip life cycle, low power demands and instant lamp strike/re-strike capability. The balloon bag automatically inflates within 15 seconds.

The industrially designed cabinet/trailer assembly meets all DOT/NHSTA requirements. A  Kubota liquid-cooled EPA/CARB-certified diesel engine powers the light tower and can operate for 200 hours on a full tank of fuel. A five-stage anodized aluminum telescopic mast assembly and electrically controlled lamp-tilt actuator provides swift light deployment. Four jack stands and outrigger assemblies provide exceptional unit stability. In addition, a single access control panel allows for engine monitoring and operator friendly working functions.