Posted February 1, 2024

Battery-powered concrete equipment 

DeWalt's new Powershift line of battery-powered concrete equipment  are all powered by a high power density 554 WH battery that weighs just 11.5 pounds for long runtime; a high-rate charger is available that can charge the battery in less than one hour.

DeWalt Powershift codre drill and stand
Core drill and stand.
DeWalt Powershift rammer
DeWalt Powershift backpack concrete vibrator
Backpack concrete vibrator.
DeWalt Powershift power screed
Power screed.
DeWalt Powershift plate compactor
Plate compactor.

The new concrete tools and optimal ergonomics which includes a core drill and stand (pictured) designed with close wall or ceiling clearance and features anti-rotation technology to prevent over rotation in a bind up situation.

The new line also includes a plate compactor that provides 3,370 foot-pounds of force through its 15.7-inch plate; a rammer that produces 2,660 foot-pounds of impact force; a backpack vibrator that only weighs 25 pounds with the battery installed; and a power screed with fully adjustable handles.

An adaptor is available that allows users to power these tools with a DeWalt Flexvolt battery.