Posted January 25, 2023

LED temporary lighting system

Lind Equipment introduces efficient, labor-saving LED temporary lighting system.

Lind Equipment has redesigned its LED Jobsite suite of products. By using LED Jobsite’s integrated solutions, contractors can easily tackle even the most challenging jobsite lighting conditions. The LED Jobsite System is purpose-built to save contractors time and money while creating a safer, more efficient jobsite.

As a value-add service, the Lind team of experts can design the optimal temporary lighting layout for each project based on the floorplans.

Maximum light coverage, adaptable solution
To maximize the total light coverage across the job site, all products in the suite work together as one system. These products are built to exceed military-grade drop-test standards and have IP65 weatherproof ratings so they will withstand any abuse the job site might throw at them.

The key to using the various LED Jobsite products together is pre-determined lengths of cable with daisy-chains and triple-tap outlets. The contractor can determine the best light for an application, and it can be daisy-chained into complex patterns throughout the job site.

LED Jobsite improvements do not stop with the suite integration. Lind updated many features on existing LED Jobsite products to create an improved experience by reducing the footprint, enhancing durability, and providing lower wattage to improve energy efficiency.

The exciting, new product suite includes:

Lind Equipment Beacon360 Blaze
Beacon360 Blaze LED stringlight.
Beacon360 Spark stringlight
Beacon360 Blaze stringlight.
Beacon360 high-bay light
Beacon120 LED high bay stringlight.
  • Beacon360 Blaze – The Beacon360 Blaze is a powerful light with incredible versatility. It can replace traditional stringlights or high bay lights to provide 2,500 square feet of light coverage up to 5 fc, using only 100W.
  • Beacon360 Spark – The Beacon360 Spark makes stringlights a thing of the past. It allows a main circuit to be run throughout the hallways/corridors, and individual lights can branch off into individual rooms or in other directions as required. The Beacon360 Spark can be easily unplugged and relocated individually as required throughout the job – a much more efficient strategy that results in less lights overall. The Beacon360 Spark uses a mere 20W and provides 2,400 lumens of bright, white light. Compared to using traditional stringlights, there is a much greater ease of installation and teardown. No more cutting and disposal of lights after a section is completed – just unplug and relocate the lighting, as needed. 
  • Beacon120 LED High Bay – The Beacon120 High Bay is much smaller, more durable and even more energy efficient. It does not require an external driver, allowing it to be extremely light and compact. The LEDs provide 13,250 lumens to illuminate 2,500 square feet when mounted on a ceiling 20 feet high. It can run 15 lights daisy-chained on the same 15A circuit, while traditional metal halide lights only allow three. At only 2 inches thick and 2.6 pounds, the super-low profile is more durable, easier to store, easier to install and provides greater headroom for floor traffic, increasing safety on the job site.