Posted January 20, 2023

Battery-powered compact utility loader

Toro introduces the eDingo 500 battery-powered compact utility loader, its next-generation eDingo.

Toro E500 eDingo
The new Toro e500 eDingo boosts profit and ROI with no fuel costs and zero engine exhaust emissions, sources report. 

The new eDingo boosts profit and ROI with no fuel costs and zero engine exhaust emissions, sources report. It’s the ideal choice for indoor construction jobs that require heavy or continuous operation, fast completion times and reduced overall costs.

“Every improvement we’ve made to the next generation eDingo was driven by customer feedback,” says Sam Dando, product marketing manager at Toro. “For example, the HyperCell Power System is more powerful and reliable than ever. It allows for all-day run times and quick charging, which helps crews maximize productivity. Also, the new eDingo features a narrow width of 30 inches, making it capable of fitting through even the tightest of doorways.”

The HyperCell Power System is built to run cooler than other systems, meaning operators gain efficiencies, eliminate engine exhaust emissions and can complete more jobs with less hassle.

The new eDingo still offers a rated operating capacity of 515 pounds and has a new design with a hinge pin height of 81 inches, which allows for clearing into most standard dumpsters, and 6.5 gpm hydraulic flow. The high operating capacity allows for the effective use of many Toro attachments, including:

  • Floor scraper
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • 4-in-1 bucket
  • Narrow bucket
  • Gapple bucket
  • Adjustable forks
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Grapple
  • Leveler
  • Mixer bowl     

Additionally, electric drive motors make the new machine quiet while still capable of zero-turn maneuvers in tight spaces and a speed of up to 2.75 mph.

A new onboard charger and cord compartment storage, customer-centric patent-pending traction controls, a powerful 1200-lumen work light for improved visibility and a comfort mat to fight operator fatigue round out the new eDingo features. Another key benefit of battery-powered machinery is the reduced need for regular maintenance. The powerful Li-ion battery doesn’t need an oil change or fuel stabilizer; all it needs is to be charged using a standard 120-volt wall outlet.