Posted January 17, 2022

Compactor with 4800 vpm

The new Volvo DD128C compactor from has the highest frequency in the industry resulting in greater productivity whatever the job.

The new DD128C compactor delivers the fastest rolling speeds while maintaining proper impact spacing to provide the most productive rolling train available.

Volvo DD128C compactor

The new DD128C compactor delivers the fastest rolling speeds while maintaining proper impact spacing to provide the most productive rolling train available.

Featuring a 79 inch-wide drum with chamfer and radii drum edges, the DD128C offers the high compaction performance and reliability expected from a Volvo machine, sources report. 

This machine also features a large 55 inch-diameter drum and auto-reversing eccentrics that is an automatic function which ensures eccentric rotation in the direction the machine is traveling for unparalleled smoothness. It is also equipped with an industry-leading, automatic drum wetting system that provides speed-dependent water flow to minimize water usage and ensures uniform drum coverage to prevent material pick-up.

Offering Volvo’s exclusive eight amplitude eccentric system, the DD128C has the widest range of amplitudes of 0.003 to 0.03 inch on the market. This allows for unmatched versatility whether the job is an ultra-thin lift or a deep 4-inch lift. Utilizing Volvo’s patented technology to detect the amplitude setting, vibration frequency is automatically adjusted to the highest vpm available for the amplitude setting , so operators can get the highest rolling speeds and best productivity without compromise.

The power to perform
The DD128C is powered by an advanced 148 horsepower Volvo D4 Tier 4 Final engine, which delivers high torque at low rpm, ensuring high-quality performance with minimal noise and fuel consumption.

Engine operating speed during work mode is 1,850 rpm, providing the torque and power needed without the noise and fuel draw. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced with optional auto-idling and auto-engine shutdown features that deliver premium performance. The engine and hydraulics are designed to work together to provide quick eccentric start times and exceptional drum performance in the most demanding conditions.

Safe, easy operation and maintenance
Safety is paramount on all job sites, which is why the Volvo DD128C compactor has unobstructed visibility along with a host of advanced safety features. The ROPS/FOPS-certified platform, all-around visibility, adjustable seat with adjustable seat back and 180-degree rotating console provide superb visibility of the job site as well as unobstructed sightlines to the mat for excellent rolling precision. Ergonomically positioned controls, noise and vibration isolation,and ample space keep the operator alert and focused. Drum surface and spray nozzle visibility allow the operator to ensure consistent water flow and utilize the fully redundant backup system if a nozzle were to clog.

The DD128C’s swing-up hood allows for unobstructed access to the engine and hydraulic components, enabling easy maintenance, while a single key accesses all service doors. Passive regeneration occurs automatically, without requiring input from the operator, and a service regeneration is carried out by technicians as part of the routine 500-hour service. For added convenience, the water tank can be filled from ground level.

With Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system, road crews are never on their own. The system can remotely access a range of important compactor information, including geolocation, fault codes and service and maintenance planning.

Operator efficiency
Equipping the DD128C with Compact Assist, Volvo’s unique Intelligent Compaction System, provides the operator with real-time feedback on compaction status, helping them maximize productivity. Pass mapping provides a clear view of where work has been done, and which areas require more attention. While temperature mapping ensures operators are compacting the asphalt before it cools. Compact Assist with Density Direct reveals the density of the mat in real-time, giving operators confidence that their targets have been met. All the job data is stored and made available on the machine or over the air with job report summaries and data sets ready to be submitted. The Compact Assist operating system utilizes the award-winning, 10-inch Volvo Co-Pilot on-board interface.

The Volvo Impact Spacing Meter provides a visual reference of speed control to maintain proper impact spacing, resulting in consistent smoothness. The DD128C can also limit machine speed to maintain proper impact spacing automatically making the roller operator’s job easier. With these features at their fingertips, operators can unlock the full productivity potential of Volvo compactors and ensure exceptional mat quality.

“The DD128C is our best compactor yet,” explains Chad Fluent, global product manager, compactors. “This is the most productive, fuel-efficient, and versatile machine we offer.”

Key specifications:

Operating weight (with ROPS)


12 565



Drum or rolling width





Rated engine power





Vibration frequency










Overall length


5 973



Overall width


2 218



Overall height





Configuration: 8 amplitudes