Posted January 15, 2020

New demolition attachments

Stanley Infrastructure adds the Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool (MRX) and the Mobile Rotation Pulverizer (MRP) to the LaBounty tool line.

The MRX provides maximum productivity with minimal maintenance. Designed for efficient downsizing and equipped with 360-degree rotation, the MRX is useful for primary and secondary demolition and offsite concrete processing.

LaBounty MRX demolition tool
The MRP provides maximum productivity with minimal maintenance.
LaBounty MPR demolition tool
LaBounty MRX demolition tool.

It has a short center of gravity for optimal control and maneuverability and features an interchangeable jaw with options for a concrete pulverizer, concrete cracker, or shear. It has an open, wider lower jaw that improves penetration and rapidly downsizes material. Dual rotation motors ofer superior holding power and durability.

The Mobile Rotation Pulverizer (MRP)  is a similar design to the MRX but has a dedicated concrete pulverizer jaw. At a lower weight and lower price point, the MRP is a good option for users who are seeking increased maneuverability and reliability.